This blog contains pictures of my Michael Jordan card collection, I have just re-started this blog experience and am trying to get more Jordan followers. I'm hoping the most interesting part of the blog will be the daily (if my budget allows) maildays that will detail the cards/stickers/etc. that I received on that day. As can be noticed in the first few maildays I have not purchased as many mainstream cards as usual because those cards are so easily available (well most of them) and can be had at any time. In addition to the mailday updates my eBay MJ card price guide is available for free as well. These prices reflect the maximum value and average value for Jordan cards over the last couple years. I collect all of the cards listed in the price guide and many others but only from 1984-1998. If you are interested in buying/selling Jordan cards feel free to email me using the link below. Thanks again and enjoy the blog!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Mailday!!!! 3/15/2013

Well the card that I have been searching for going on 3 years now I've finally purchased. I hope you all the enjoy the 95-96 SP Holoview w/McDyess Error. I also received a standard copy, you can compare the two. I believe this is the most interesting error card that's out there and I'm excited to be one of the lucky few to own one. Oh and I received a few other cards today too...

1994-95 and 1995-96 Collector's Choice Japanese #402; #20, #210, #324
 photo JordanCards_0003_zpse5a7d148.jpg

1996 Upper Deck Space Jam Animotion #AN1
 photo JordanCards_0005_zps507ff998.jpg

1995-96 SP Holoviews #5 of 40 Regular and Error w/McDyess
 photo JordanCards_0002_zps23d1cb5d.jpg   SP Holoview McDyess Error

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mailday! 3/14/2013

It looks like I just missed the package I was really hoping I would get today but I enjoy getting the oddball/international stuff too! Feel free to visit my facebook page and hit like button. Maybe I will start posting some pictures from my personal collection as it looks like my buying spree is slowing a little.

1995 UD Decade of Dominance Spanish J1, J2, J5, J6, J7, J9, J10 
 photo JordanCards_0003_zps198f0445.jpg   photo JordanCards_0004_zps3dc81b42.jpg

1996 UDA Chicago Bulls 1996 NBA Champions - 3"x5" - #'d/20,000
 photo JordanCards_0005_zps32ece196.jpg

1996 LDDS Worldcom Phone Card w/MJ in red jersey looking back (10 units on back)
 photo JordanCards_0002_zps228e9fb0.jpg

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3/13/2013 Ebay Price Guide Update

Well, it looks like every 1-2 months I have a chance to update the eBay price guide. This update is for auctions through 2/28/2013. I'm still working on a system to get better at pulling the data as it takes too long right now. Please use the following link or the link on the right side of the page. It's been a bit of a dry spell lately for maildays so hopefully this can hold people over until the next one.

  Zinger82's eBay Price Guide

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mailday!! 3/11/2013

An interesting mailday today with lots of good stuff. I have a fantastic mailday coming in the next few days, I can't wait to show you guys. Anyway, today's mailday is full of sheets, McDonald's inserts and a couple other randoms. Enjoy!

1989 Come Fly with Me Italian Promo Card 
 photo JordanCards_0009_zpse56cd130.jpg

1989-90 Hoops All-Star Panels - Panel 4
 photo JordanCards_0015_zps3be1004c.jpg

1990-91 Hoops All-Star Panels - Panels 1 & 2
 photo JordanCards_0013_zps2eba47eb.jpg   photo JordanCards_0011_zps530d70bd.jpg

1991 McDonalds Fitness Fun Challenge Insert Set (8) #NNO
 photo JordanCards_0005_zps44ca54fe.jpg    photo JordanCards_0003_zpsfbc0c610.jpg

1991-92 Skybox Mark and See Minis USA Team Card #NNO
 photo JordanCards_0007_zps4e560bdf.jpg

1992 5 Majeur Blue Border "USA Dream Team 82" and Ad Card
 photo JordanCards_zps4457ceef.jpg    photo JordanCards_0017_zps83bd555e.jpg

1992 Upper Deck Company Salutes Chicago Bulls Back to Back Champions #'d/35,000 - 3"x5"
 photo JordanCards_0019_zps33bec458.jpg

1998 Stadion Cards Report #P006
 photo JordanCards_0018_zps38b52a81.jpg

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mailday!! 3/9/2013

Apparently Saturday is gold card and Japanese card days as that's all I've received the past two.

1996 UDA Gold Space Jam w/Bugs Bunny Photo #'d/5,000
 photo JordanCards_0007_zpsf2363254.jpg

1997 Fleer 23KT Gold Z-Force #'d
 photo JordanCards_0009_zpsb043e0f8.jpg

1997 Fleer 23KT Gold 86-87 Fleer #57 w/Red Signature #'d/19,860
 photo JordanCards_0008_zpscd6287ef.jpg

1998 Fleer 23KT Gold 86-87 Fleer Sticker w/Red Signature #'d/1,986
 photo JordanCards_0002_zpsa6f80e54.jpg

1995 Collector's Choice Decade of Dominance Japanese Set #1-10
 photo JordanCards_0003_zps33f53e05.jpg    photo JordanCards_0005_zps7409329f.jpg

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mailday!! 3/8/13

Compared to yesterday today's mail was pretty boring. I did receive a UD3 promo and also 5 jumbo Collector's Choice Assignment Jordan cards. These came in 1996-97 Collector's Choice boxes.

1997-98 UD3 Promo #Sample/000
 photo JordanCards_0008_zps2dd9bb3c.jpg

1996-97 Collector's Choice 5"x7" #362, 363, 364, 365, 366
 photo JordanCards_0007_zps2dec705b.jpg  photo JordanCards_0009_zpse7cb6852.jpg  photo JordanCards_0002_zpse0983e27.jpg  photo JordanCards_0005_zps8860db60.jpg  photo JordanCards_0006_zps5a91ecb5.jpg

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ebay Listings and Mailday!!! 3/7/2013

Yesterday was the first non-Sunday in awhile I did not receive anything in the mail. What a bummer, but today more than made up for it with some non-eBay buys and I received my graded order back from BGS. I sent them off with a fellow collector's order so I only ended having 8 cards graded, those results will be below. I also listed several cards on eBay today including 3 extremely rare 1999 UD Hanger Promos of a few iconic cards.

Ebay Listings:

1999 Hanger Promos on eBay (3/7/2013)
 photo 2013-03-06213518_zps53bf979a.jpg                  photo 2013-03-06213417_zpsa823fbf0.jpg                photo 2013-03-06213311_zpsab9afbd3.jpg

1984-85 Star #195 on eBay (3/7/2013)
 photo MichaelJordan4sale.jpg

1995 UDA Bleachers 23 Karat Gold #'d/50,000 on eBay (3/7/2013)
 photo MichaelJordanUDA_0010.jpg

1996 UDA Chicago Bulls 3"x5" Jumbo Cards
 photo MichaelJordanUDA_0002.jpg            photo MichaelJordanUDA_0001.jpg

BGS Order:
 photo JordanCards_0014_zps4f8b360a.jpg photo JordanCards_0020_zps7cb850a6.jpg photo JordanCards_0017_zps46765177.jpg photo JordanCards_0013_zpsc786daea.jpg photo JordanCards_0018_zps0eda0998.jpg photo JordanCards_0019_zpsa3ecdbb5.jpg photo JordanCards_0015_zps46fe8192.jpg photo JordanCards_0016_zps12beb736.jpg

1989 KOS Stickers (Yugoslavian) Unstuck (#127, #128)
 photo JordanCards_0011_zps1a673f0f.jpg      photo JordanCards_0012_zps18aa223a.jpg

1996 UDA Space Jam w/Tune Squad #'d/5,000
 photo JordanCards_0010_zps28867edb.jpg

1997 Ole Sticker Stuck on Page (Argentina) #40
 photo JordanCards_0003_zpsea2c5006.jpg      photo JordanCards_0002_zps9fc4bf4c.jpg

1995 McDonalds Japanese NNO w/MJ in red dribbling
 photo JordanCards_0008_zps642a136c-1_zpsae6e541c.jpg