This blog contains pictures of my Michael Jordan card collection, I have just re-started this blog experience and am trying to get more Jordan followers. I'm hoping the most interesting part of the blog will be the daily (if my budget allows) maildays that will detail the cards/stickers/etc. that I received on that day. As can be noticed in the first few maildays I have not purchased as many mainstream cards as usual because those cards are so easily available (well most of them) and can be had at any time. In addition to the mailday updates my eBay MJ card price guide is available for free as well. These prices reflect the maximum value and average value for Jordan cards over the last couple years. I collect all of the cards listed in the price guide and many others but only from 1984-1998. If you are interested in buying/selling Jordan cards feel free to email me using the link below. Thanks again and enjoy the blog!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

1991-92 Fleer Acrylic 3D Wrapper Redemption

Extremely exciting trip to the mailbox today and there was only one package. This package however contained the incredibly rare 1991-92 Fleer Acrylic 3D Wrapper Redemption. I have tried to learn a little about these cards, from what I understand these cards were available via wrapper redemption (obviously).  When 10 1991-92 Fleer wrappers were submitted with a $5.00 fee Fleer would hand create an acrylic 3D replica of the actual card available in packs of your choice. I have found 3 different Jordans in existence #29, #211 and #375 (below are pictures of BGS 9.5 version of all 3!!), there are rumors of a master set but those have been unconfirmed. I was lucky enough to purchase #29 for a very reasonable $200 from gene879pez (eBay id).


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